Coppa Club

‘I’m not sure going to brunch here after a long haul flight was the best idea. And probably not entirely fair to write about it when I was tired, hangry and hungover.’

Coppa Club, London

Sunday 17th September 2017
w/ Ella & Sophie

Coppa Club - Sep 2

I had seen a lot of pictures of this restaurant over the winter in Timeout, when they had a igloo pop up thing going on, but never got round to going, so I was super keen when I got the invite from Ella.

Although…I’m not sure going to brunch here after a long haul flight was the best idea. And probably not entirely fair to write about it when I was tired, hangry and hungover.

But, I took some nice pictures so I will anyway.
For all the whining I am about to put you through, this place is an Instagramer’s dream so go and check it out with your hashtag game on.

Burglar Bessy - Coppa Club

I would definitely suggest Coppa Club for a Tinder day-date or a coffee catch up as they have an unheard-of-in-London lovely cosy seating area with velvet chairs, OKA lampshades and an actual real life fireplace!
Everywhere these days seems to have clocked on that having rock hard seats stops people hogging a table for 4 hours while they nurse a £3 coffee.

I only say day date because of what has to be their biggest downfall, the non existent bar stools. When I am told to go and pay for a drink at the bar because my table isn’t ready, I do not want to stand, and I definitely don’t want to be told that if I sit over in the cosy area, no one will be able to bring my drink to me. I was borderline massive tantrum at this point.

It’s so frustrating when restaurants etc become popular and trendy, that they get greedy and lazy and no longer feel they need to provide customer service. Sort it out guys, it’s not difficult and it goes a long way.

Photo credit:

2E58B6AC-CD0F-4C56-88E7-0EA342740ADFCoppa Club - Brunch Menu - 20170ACFB92A-D9FD-4022-A465-7DFC40D71C3067690F1D-07C4-4647-8583-6D5B0C1783C0

Although the food wasn’t much to rave about (we did only order avo and eggs on toast though), I loved all the crockery. It’s the sort of thing you might pick up in Anthropolgie for your own home. Or, in my case, the sort of thing you might save to your Pinterest board, for the home that you are not quite grown up and responsible enough to have yet.

Coppa Club - Brunch Menu - 2017Photo credit:
Burglar Bessy - Coppa Club - BrunchBurglar Bessy - Coppa Club - BrunchCoppa Club - Dessert Menu - 2017Photo credit:

Aside from those negatives, the waitress who served us was really lovely and made no fuss about taking the drinks we received late off the total bill.

I hope that we were just there on a bad day because I really did like the decor and location.

I’ll keep an eye out for timeout offers and go back when I’m in a better mood!

J x


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  1. I’m not sure how you found me but thanks. I haven’t read anything of yours yet but your site looks fab. I’ve followed you and will get caught up soon. No.43


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