“…it just made me wonder, how fine is the line between passionate interior designer wannabe and massive stalker?”

So, I recently read The Girl On The Train and decided Thrillers are my new favourite thing.

And, as per usual, I can’t start a new hobby/passion without all the gear first, so I bought half of the Crime section in Waterstones.

The book I’m reading now on my commute is called Stalker. For no other reason than I thought the cover looked most similar to Girl on The Train.

The thing is, I feel totally self conscious holding a book that says STALKER all over it. As if people read that and immediately know about that time the other week when I was bored on a Saturday night and found the floor plans to a guy’s flat whom I dated two weeks ago and redesigned it for him.

If you knew me, or would give me a chance to explain, then you will know that his WhatsApp reply ‘you’re terrifying’ was just a joke. Well not completely, but he definitely probably meant it in a funny friendly way.

Anyway it just made me wonder, how fine is the line between passionate interior designer wannabe and massive stalker?

Does it really make me crazy that I saw the potential that the guys flat had, and without the address, except the train station name I got off at and that he told me the building used to be mental institution (I know), I managed to find the floor plans to his flat online and redesigned it on Photoshop?

Hmmm. Shit.

Sooo… anyway, have you seen the weather today?! It’s glorious isn’t it!

Jokes aside, don’t let this put you off asking me on a date. It’s probably just a good idea if your home already looks like something straight out of Elle Decor.

Bye for now

J x


#stalker #dating #london #londonblogger


      1. I feel the same way at times when I write something thinking it’s funny to me but then later start questioning is it funny or is it just that I crack myself up. But once the comments start coming in it assures me I’m sort of funny.

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