Grenada 100

Following my recent trip to Grenada, I dug up my old blog from my 2014 sabbatical and thought I’d share one of my more memorable posts with you…

Day 38, December 2014

I decided to man up and venture out on my own getting the bus to Grand Anse beach. The SGU (university) bus stops just down the road and passes frequently, how hard could it be? Well, of course, I got on the wrong bus and ended up at the airport!

Thankfully Joseph from work picked me up and dropped me off at Umbrellas. I hadn’t been to this restaurant on the beach yet and I don’t know why because it is so nice! Joseph introduced me to a few people who worked there that used to work at True Blue and knew Grandpa. Joseph was trained in fireworks by Grandpa so they were quite close too I think.I spent the afternoon on the beach and had lunch in the restaurant which was lurvely.

Delicious non alcoholic fresh fruit smoothie (I STILL can’t handle alcohol after that night out at Banana’s 2 weeks ago!)…

After lunch Joseph dropped me back to the house and on the way he told me about Grandpa and fireworks etc. I asked if I could go to the next display and it turned out that it was that same evening at the football finals in Grenville.

Later on his friend Troy (whom Grandpa also taught to do fireworks) picked me up with a group of others in his bus and took us all to the stadium. I am amazed I got there in one piece, his driving was so scary that I thought I was going to die!

When we arrived it was pretty quiet but the music was blaring, I am starting to recognise the songs now! Troy buddied me up with his friends, Chanelle and Wan, so that I didn’t get lost and we went and sat on the wooden stands to watch the two matches.

Jesus Christ were the seats uncomfortable though, we were sat on wooden stands and quite frankly, Half Time could not have come sooner! During the game there was a huge bang that sounded like a firework just behind us. Chanelle casually told me that it was just someone throwing a bomb, I hoped it was just what Grenadian’s call bangers or something else harmless and not an actual real life bomb.

Another one was thrown on the pitch, that was it, I was definitely going to die! I spent the rest of the evening with my fingers in my ears which I refused to move even when the football was kicked straight at my face, thank goodness for quick reflexes of guy next to me!

Neither of the teams I chose to support won which was disappointing, but by the second match there was a huge crowd and a great atmosphere. After the game I walked over to join Joseph and troy preparing the fireworks. I hadn’t realised that we were going to be watching from such a short a distance and far too close for my liking. Immediately I started freaking out and kept pestering him to give me warning before he set them off so I could go and stand far away.

Troy was stood with one of his friend’s on the concrete to the right of the fireworks and decided it would be ok to let his friend to light a flare. I know it was quite a distance from the fireworks but I couldn’t help thinking (out loud) ‘what if a spark just flew in the wind and landed on the firework and they exploded and we all died?!’

The flare finally went out but the guy didn’t drop it but just carried it with him over to the fireworks…’but what if flares are like cigarettes and are still dangerous after they have gone out?!’ I was borderline hysterical by this point.

Just when I thought my heart could not take any more Troy’s friend lit another flare and knelt down to touch something with it. Just as he did this Troy shouted “NO!” “Not yet!” and then a second later the box made a huge BANG and a firework shot out of it. I absolutely s**t myself, screamed and ran.

As it happens, I had overreacted (I know!…me? overreact?). It was just the show starting, NOT some bomb exploding by accident and firing all the fireworks in the wrong direction killing us all.

And there was me panicking about him being stood a few metres away with a flare when the whole time he was practically sat on a firework! It was then that it clicked…I asked Chanelle how Troy had got the fireworks here, yep… I was sat on them in the bus!

I arrived home at 2am absolutely shattered having endured the terrifying drive back home, I must have lost at least 4 of my nine lives this evening!


Ahh I feel like that was so long ago and a totally different person wrote that. I don’t want to re-write it though. Just don’t judge me for my rambling.

Bye for now

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