All the gear, no idea

‘I am just trying to think of the best way to describe how stupid I looked and the first thing that comes to mind is that ‘stanky leg’ dance move I keep seeing on youtube to the Watch Me Nae Nae song.’

As my avid followers will know, I haven’t blogged in bloody ages.

Soz about that.

I get very easily distracted and then I had my Bi-Annual Breakdown, which was not ideal.

Anyhoo, I am more determined than ever to give this a proper bash. And when I say ‘proper’ I mean commit to it regularly and taking it seriously enough that when someone asks what I do in my spare time I can finally say I have a legit hobby.

I also really must start doing regular exercise, if not for my mental health than at least for blog material – everyone loves a #TransformationTuesday post.

Looking at my wardrobe, you’d think I am a professional athlete. I have an awful spending condition which is particularly unhelpful when trying to take up new hobbies. How is One supposed to start a new hobby without all the correct attire?! I can’t do the sport with the gear let alone without it! FML.

I picked these sexy black, white and rose gold Nike Zoom Strong trainers at Whatever It Takes in Shoreditch for £100. Click image to purchase (they’re in the bloody sale now as well! typical) 
Photo credit:
Omg, THEE most comfortable and supportive leggings you will ever wear
Sweaty Betty, 10k Run Leggings £70 (they are half price in the sale now! FML)
Sweat Betty, Infinity Workout Bra £50
hmprodH&M Seamless Sports Top £17.99
H&M have a really nice and affordable sportswear range at the moment.

I decided to join the gym last winter.      HAHAHA.           Obviously, I chose the most expensive gym I could find in Mayfair, convincing myself that all the fancy GHD and Molton Brown products would motivate me to work out in the morning before work.

Virgin Active Mayfair, London.

Image by Andy Carver Photography

To my surprise as much as any of my friends, I did manage to get there for 6.30am a few days a week however, it turns out that it was unnecessary for me to buy a different outfit with coordinating trainers for each piece of machinery. I was so intimidated by all the hotties in their crop tops and abs that I only ever used the running machine. And I thought Bath Half was pricey – I just paid £150 to run on the spot, with no one cheering, no free t-shirt and no medal.

I tell a lie – One morning I was feeling brave and ventured over to the Power Plate room where more beautiful people were working on their 7th and 8th abs.

This Power Plate was slightly different from the one I used at Lime Wood and had a fancy video program you could follow. I chose the arse workout, as I am in dire need, and followed the first step which was to jump on and off. No biggy. The next move looked just as straight forward but for some reason my legs were just not having any of the side-lunge. I am just trying to think of the best way to describe how stupid I looked and the first thing that comes to mind is that ‘stanky leg’ dance move I keep seeing on youtube to the Watch Me Nae Nae song.

So after that, and the embarrassing incident on the treadmill when I let out a small scream after accidentally clicking on the Mens XXL channel thinking it was porn (apparently it is action movies but there was no way I was hanging round to find out), I decided gym-ing was not my thing.

Although it wasn’t for me, if you are looking for a gym in Mayfair I would highly recommend Virgin Active– if you are going to use it properly it is well worth the money.

I don’t want to ramble on any more but I have gone completely off topic and not mentioned the reason behind wanting to do exercise and get a proper hobby. I was going to do a real deep and soppy blog to attract sympathy followers but I am going to have to bank that one for another day.

Bye for now.

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