This little piggy went to MARKET

‘Like anything I try and organise, it all went a bit tits up to start with. Tubes down, phone dead and zero sense of direction.’

Market, Camden

Service: 10/10
Food: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10

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Monday 20th February 2017
w/ Flozza & Ella

So. My housemates and I are extremely grown up and sophisticated that we try and organise dinner together somewhere once a month on a Monday. We named it ‘Morval Mondays’, because, you know, we are pretty trendy too.

I found the Market Restaurant on the CODE app and booked a table for the 3 of us at 7.30pm. For those of you who haven’t heard of this app, it is for people in the hospitality industry to enjoy discovering new places at a fraction of the price.

This was one of the main reasons I think Flo chose me to be the new housemate, so I felt it only fair that seeing as I had lied to them about being normal and sane, there is at least one perk to living with me.

I have only been to Camden a few times, hungover usually and only able to manage a coffee but the shops looked fun and quirky if you’re into vintage tat and ‘miracle’ hand exfoliator (btw IT’S A CON!)

Like anything I try and organise, it all went a bit tits up to start with. Tubes down, phone dead and zero sense of direction.

Thankfully the restaurant was only a few minutes away because god forbid I would have to ask a stranger for directions. Maybe that’s where I am going wrong, what if the stranger was ‘the one’. But then, I read the ‘Room’ and maybe the stranger has a basement and. No. Sod that.

Just as I arrived I thought the restaurant was closed which would just be my luck. Turns out the lights are just dim and the boarded up door is a temporary replacement for broken glass. Panic over.

The staff were super lovely, and kindly charged my phone for me while I waited for the others. The restaurant was really quiet which was fine for a small group however, I would suggest you avoid this place on a Monday if you’re planning a first date. Especially if you’re a bit nervous and awkward. On the other hand, if you’re anything like me; v. forward, super keen and talk so much that you don’t even realise that they’ve packed up and turned the lights on, it doesn’t really matter then I suppose.

Anyhoo, I think you will enjoy and appreciate the décor. They haven’t tried too hard like you see happen so often these days with all the ‘hipster’ coffee shops etc.

I loved the menu too, the layout and font are clear, easy to read, not an overwhelming amount of choice and in-keeping with their style. Why people print menus with squiggly handwritten font is beyond me.


Blimey, I have only just started talking about food.

Right. So. We skipped starters and went straight for mains. For no other reason than Flo gets hangry and no one needs that on a Monday. Actually, bit of a lie – I think we all had our eye on the chocolate mousse.

Being such a hipster household it’s vital that we are strictly vegetarian and use the hashtag #plantbased on our Instagram at least once a week. Slightly unfortunate that there was only one veggie option on the menu so Flo and Ella both ordered the risotto with a shared side of greens.

The risotto, I’m told, was good but quite rich and although Flo was only able to manage half (maybe we should have said no to the bread) the staff popped the left overs in a doggy bag for her lunch the next day.

For me, obvs being an influential blogger, I am not expected to stick to the vegan lifestyle on these occasions.
Really though, I am trying to eat more veg at home but I am not a massive cook and love good food so will always try whatever the chefs and waiting staff personally recommend.

I went for the *”lamb” onglet and was told there was no need to order extra fries for the table as my dish came with more than enough. Enough for 10 people!

I would still recommend the dish as the meat was delicious but I would order to share if you have a small to normal appetite. I am sure if you just asked them nicely they would do a smaller portion of chips and put them in a pot on the side or something.

What I would really like for Market to do is serve the meat on its own on a board with the chips in a tin to the side. Less is more.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 23.11.50.png
Photo credit: Instagram @marketrestaurantcamden 

Overall, the food was average in terms of variety, flavour, presentation  and with larger than necessary portions which drew attention away from the good quality. Having said that, I wouldn’t completely write it off as I think it is easily rectifiable. Plus, I have seen their brunch menu and I have a sneaky suspicion this may be where their strength lies.

BOOM. First post done! #illavethat


*waitress seemed to think it was lamb but a quick search of google told me it was a cut of beef… oops.

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